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Roof Replacement Jacksonville FL


Our Services

Roof Repair Jacksonville FL

Roof repair Jacksonville FL problems can sneak up on you, and you may not always need a full roof replacement. That's where as your roofing contractor Jacksonville FL, we come in. We understand the urgency of roof problems and strive to respond as quickly as possible. We employ comprehensive diagnostic procedures to identify the root cause of your roof issues and determine the best repair strategy. Our repairs aren’t just quick fixes; we aim for quality and longevity to ensure that your home or business remains secure and dry. From replacing broken or missing shingles to sealing leaks, our team handles a wide array of roof repair Jacksonville FL with precision and professionalism.


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What makes Red Fox Roofers stand out in the industry as a roofing contractor Jacksonville FL? Several key factors contribute to our reputation as leaders in roofing Jacksonville FL. One such innovation is our proprietary flashing method, a technique designed to drastically reduce the likelihood of leaks. By improving the seal around the intersections and protrusions on your roof, this method enhances overall roof durability, adding years to your roof’s life and giving you peace of mind.

Transparent and continuous communication is another hallmark of our service. We believe you should never be left guessing about the status of your project. Therefore, we make it a point to keep you informed about the progress, any issues encountered, and the solutions we propose. Whether we’re addressing a minor repair or even embarking on a major installation, our team will ensure that you’re in the loop at every step.

As a roofing contractor Jacksonville FL, going the extra mile is not an exception; it’s our standard. Whether it’s working past regular hours to finish a job or addressing any concerns after project completion, we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Trust us, as one of the leading Jacksonville roofers, to deliver an exceptional roofing Jacksonville FL experience from start to finish. Contact us now and schedule a quote.

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Proper Roofing Jacksonville FL
Leah M

The Red Fox team saved the day! After several repair attempts from a different contractor resulting in several delays in our real estate closing, the Red Fox team came in and made things right. Their professionalism, excellent communication, and attention to detail made this an excellent experience!

Leah M

Patty S

Work done in a very timely fashion, reasonably priced with excellent communication.

Patty S

Donald E

Great job Red Fox! We love our new roof and were impressed by the timely installation

Donald E


Signs That You Need a New Roof

Although your roof doesn’t have the capacity to voice its concerns, it communicates through distinct signals of wear and tear. Constantly exposed to varying weather conditions, even the most durable roofs can require attention over time. Spotting the early signs can help maintain the roof‘s integrity and prevent hefty repair costs in the future. Key signs indicating the need for a roof repair or roof replacement include:

  • Damaged Shingles: Missing, cracked, or curled shingles serve as an immediate sign of roof distress. As they constitute the external layer of your roof, shingles bear the brunt of the weather, causing them to wear over time. Their damage can expose underlying roof layers to potential harm.
  • Potential Consequences: If not promptly addressed, these warning signs can lead to more extensive, expensive issues like structural damage due to water penetration. Water seeping through can rot the wooden elements of your roof structure or cause dampness and mold in the attic or upper walls.
  • The Importance of Regular Inspections: It’s crucial to carry out at least bi-annual roof inspections, particularly surrounding the harshest weather seasons in your region. Regular inspections serve as a preventative measure against escalating roof issues by detecting potential problems early.


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